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by Rapjoint Lagos


Warren G Regulate... G Funk Era – by Timilehin Salu

by Rapjoint Lagos

Warren G Regulate... G Funk Era – by Timilehin Salu

by Rapjoint Lagos


'Regulate... G Funk Era' is the debut studio album by American rapper Warren Griffin III a.k.a. Warren G. It was released on June 7, 1994 by Violator Records and distributed by Rush Associated Labels. The album's biggest hit was the eponymous single 'Regulate', which was a gritty depiction of West Coast gang life.

The album was executively produced by the late Chris Lighty. On this album, Warren takes us on a journey through the G-funk style which him amongst others including Dr. Dre populated in the 90’s era.

The 12 track album features different shades of G-funk. If you have not listened to it yet, here is what to expect.

Regulate ft. Nate Dogg

This song which is self-titled after the album is heavily modeled after the G-funk era. It features a fresh looking Warren-G driving through the neighborhood. He is on his way to woo some ladies but is stopped by some guys around the corner who robs him of his rings, rolex jewelries and other possessions.

Fun Fact: Nate Dogg makes mention of the 213 multiple times in the song. Asides being the area code for long beach California, 213 in the Californian penal code refers to robbery-which is exactly what they were doing to Warren G.

Do you see ft. Nate Dogg

This is the second song off the album and represent the struggles of Warren G as an artist. He talks about the neighborhood he grew up in and how people died by gunshots on a regular basis. He also talks about the 213 gang which was made up of him, Snoop Rock (now Snoop Dogg) and Nate Dogg.

Gangsta Sermon ft. B-Tip & Ricky Harris

In Gangsta Sermon, Warren is with his gangsters in a place that seems to be a church talking about bit**** and Ho** that want.........

Recognize ft. The Twinz

The place is here, the time is right for Warren G and the Twinz to kill this beat. And just like 'Do You See', they talk about growing up in LBC. You have to watch your back because someone is always out to hurt you or the ones you love. But despite the anger you might have, you have to be on your grind and gain respect by pushing back the people who try to check you or try to pick up a fight with you. In essence, you have to check or be checked.


Super Soul Sis

The song showcases Warren G’s stellar production as well as the mic skills of his affiliate, Jah-Skillz. The song samples One Way’s “Don’t Stop (Ever Loving Me)” which can be heard at 20 seconds into the song.


’94 Ho Draft

On this track, Warren G samples the beat of T- connection in their song; groove to get down.

So many ways ft.lady levi and Wayniac

An original G-funk maestro, this song talks about Warren G’s G-funk flows and features lady levi and Wayniac.


This Dj (ft. O.G.L.B)

This track talks about the G sound which is known as the G-Dub or G-funk, and was pioneered by Warren G and Nate Dogg. G-DUB is a nick name for Warren G who also produced this track. Warren G takes listeners on a ride down his earlier years when he hung out with college students after school and sold drugs to them.

This is the Shack ft. the Dove shack

This song is about Warren and his goons running a marijuana shop and ready to deal with anyone that messes with them. He says plot on the shack if you wanna but if you get caught slipping, we will be dippin, down your block meaning try to come get us, but if you aren’t quick or good enough, we will take revenge on you and your neighborhood.


What’s next ft. Mr Malik

This song is largely a freestyle by Warren G and Mr. Malik. On this freestyle, Warren G makes a mistake on the spelling of next but decides not to change it and put it on the album.


And Ya don’t Stop

This song was produced by Warren G. he gives a shout out to his pals and talks about the importance of hard workwhere he says “And ya don’t stop, and ya don’t quit”.


Runnin’ Wit No Breaks ft. Bo Roc, Jah Skillz and Twinz

In runnin’, Warren features his goons where they sample the G-funk sound.


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